Do you want to have a more polished look for that job interview? So you want to feel more glamorous?

Why not try a set of artificial nails done by a nail expert? Yes, there are nail products that can be used in the home, but to have the perfect set of nails and to maintain nail health, a visit to a nail professional is the your best choice.

You may think that artificial nails are a new idea, but they have been around since the days of the Egyptians. Of course, today’s materials are different than those used thousands of years ago. Today the most common types of artificial nails include: acrylic nails, gel nails, light concept nails, silk nails, and solar nails. Women are primarily using artificial nails for beauty but artificial nails can also help strengthening the underlying nail.

Today, professional application of artificial nails includes several necessary steps to ensure you get a perfect set of nails--cleaning, priming, mixing, sculpting and finishing. Each step is important because your nail professional wants to make sure you get the best results.

Nail finishes are not limited to color alone, custom designs can be done using air brush, decorative or seasonal images, metallics, glitter, and more.